Should I match kitchen and bathroom cabinets?

Should I Match Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets?

Whether you’re remodeling, building a new home or buying a fixer-upper, you know the decisions are endless. You must consider flooring, paint colors, wood finishes, cabinets and the overall style of the home. Many homeowners want to create a space that is functional, beautiful and exhibits the family’s passions and personalities. A tall order indeed.

One of the questions you might be wondering about is matching cabinets. Do the kitchen cabinets have to match with the bathroom cabinets? The answer depends on your home’s layout, but generally speaking, kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets do not need to match. Here are some important considerations.

  • Proximity to Kitchen: If the bathroom in question is a powder room off the kitchen, you might consider matching the cabinetry to provide flow from one space to the next. If, however, the bathroom is in another area of the home or on a different floor, there is no need to match the cabinets to the kitchen cabinets.
  • Think Complementary: Instead of matching cabinetry exactly, consider styles that complement each other. If the rest of your home is traditional, a bathroom done in modern style will stick out like a sore thumb. Choose style elements that complement each other, rather than compete.
  • Consider Tying it All Together: Choosing different cabinets for different spaces works well when there are other elements throughout the home to tie it all together. Consider choosing complementary colors from room to room, flooring that flows throughout the home or a specific design style that repeats in all or many of the rooms.
  • Under No Obligation: Remember that you are under no obligation to create a space that matches with any other space. As long as it works for you and your family, then go for it. Homeowners, builders and designers today are using creative license to create beautiful homes that don’t always follow any conventional rules of design.

Above all, have fun as you pick out your cabinetry. Consider matching finishes or color palettes rather than the cabinetry itself. As long as you love your choices, they will ultimately work for you and your family.

Interested in seeing some options for kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets?  Check out our kitchen cabinet gallery and bathroom cabinet gallery.

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